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April Fool SMS

  <li>On April 1st it is normal to make friends as fools by giving them false stories. Even TV stations, newspapers do with false stories to make their viewers fools. But at the end of the story they used to verify it as a false message. So this is a way of life cracking jokes. Don't make them angry, quickly explain thewm about the day and the joke.</li>
  <li>Quick switch off the phone.<br />
  Save your power.</li>
  <li>Don't check the next coming SMS, <br />
    It is a virus.</li>
  <li>Your phone is updated. <br />
    See the back side of your phone,

you can read the message.

  • Thanks.
    Your request up dated.
    Phone's black and white display
    will become color.Color will become black and white.
    Press ok.
  • It is resetted.
    Your phone bill will be the same.
  • Don't have a camera in your phone?
    Get one installed.
    Dial 4567899 and press ok.
    If have already it will become as a zoom one.
    Offer valid for 2 hours only.
  • Go to todays newspaper and check the classifieds.
    What a cllassified you posted with your phone number.
  • New promotion from your mobile company.
    Call a friends number, quickly
    Put your phone over the TV.
    View channel 87, volume at 0 level.
    You will see the person's photo.
  • IMX - 32, Price 2$ or equivelant.
    Paste it on the back of the phone.
    Yoiu can make free calls.
  • Unlimited Free calls. make it between 11.58 PM to 11.59 PM.
    Call Sri Lanka