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Memory card for Smartphone.

Micro Memory cards are used to provide additional memory to save your video clips, songs and other files in your phones. They are called as external memory of the device. Normally folders are created automatically by the OS and you can save your SMS messages, photos, songs and video clips in it.

These memory cards are called as SD memory where SD means Secure Digital. First of all check whether your phone has slot for to accept the Micro SD card. Then check what MB size is combatable for your device.

Normally the Smartphone which is designed to accept 32GB won't accept 64GB SD card to work in it. The capacity of the SD memory cards are marked as GB where a 8GB card can store up to 8Gigabytes of files. Take utmost care when inserting the SD card for the first time. And also follow the instruction when you want to remove or eject a SD card from the device.

Careless ejection will result in "corrupted memory card" message, when you try to insert it back in the phone slot.

So what a typical 8GB SD memory card can store in side of it?
It can store around 2,000 MP3 songs and 4,000 digital Photos.
Or it can store 5 Numbers of DVD quality Movies in it.

How to calculate the number of files I can store in my memory?
Each song's file size is 3 and 4 megabytes.
One high resolution photo is around 1 MB of space.
One hour recorded HD Video is about 4 GB.
Apps may vary with their file sizes. A good App can take 4GB of space.

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Some facts about the Micro SD memory cards.

The content inside of it can be erased (Deleted) and can re-write with new content.
It can be formatted using your Smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet.
It can be infected with virus.
It can get corrupted.

How to take care of them?

Insert or remove SD memory card according to the phone maker's instruction. Don't bend them; don't keep it in hot places, cold places or in a high magnet field.

In what sizes the micro SD memory cards are available in the market?
Micro SD memory cards are available from 1GB to 64GB, although before you select one first read your Mobile phone manual to see up to what size of external memory card will be accepted by your phone's memory card slot.
Also there in the market you can find micro SD card adaptor which will allow you to use them with the other bigger gadgets to transfer or to write files.

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