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Meizu M9 Smartphone.

Price - 8GB US$ 365

Meizu M9 Smartphone with Android 2.1 is a real challenger to the iPhone 4 in China. Meizu M9 is produced in China as a look alike of the Apple's iPhone and this M9 comes as 8GB or 16GB model. The Chinese Smartphone was released on January 1st 2011 where all the stores were packed with young Chinese people to buy one for them. Even people were in the queue from early morning 6.00 Am.

The Meizu M9 is capable of SMS and MMS too also can handle 3D and provides Full HD video decode.


  • 1 GHz Samsung S5PC110 processor
  • 512 MB ROM / 512 MB RAM
  • Android OS 2.1
  • 3.6 " Touchscreen at 720 × 480 resolution
  • 5.0 Mega Pixel camera
  • HDMI out
  • Accepted Networks WCDMA, CDMA, TD-SCDMA
  • Bluetooth / WiFi / GPS / TV-out (HDMI 1.3)
  • Micro SD / TF

Currently M9 is available only in China and it is expected to be sold in ebay soon while Sri Lanka's top phone importers are ready to import it once it is available for foreign market from Meizu.

Meizu M9 Smartphone.
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