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SMS Is Still Glowing.

SMS text message is still going high in popularity when people want to send messages quickly with personal touch. The new generation Smartphones used to share a bit of the SMS as those people using the free text message sending Apps are in need of data plan or Wi-Fi connectivity. And another thing you must look that not all the people do have the free App enabled Smartphones. Also many of those people who have these touch phones don't know to download and use the free texting messengers. Recently the Beijing branch of China Mobile, the country's biggest telecom operator sent out a total of 831 million text messages on the eve of this year's Spring Festival.

SMS traffic in Hong Kong over the Chinese New Year was 11.53 million messages.

Known as one of the world's largest SMS markets, this festive season was no exception as Filipinos sent an astonishing 2 billion text messages every day, a clear indication that SMS still remains the communication mode of choice.

As one of the fastest growing mobile markets in South East Asia with 200 million mobile connections, Indonesian operators recognize that festive seasons generally place high demands on their network assets. With many of operators conducting capacity upgrades months in advance to meet and manage the anticipated traffic spikes, a total of 990 million messages were processed during the year end period.

The country's mobile operators Celcom, DiGi and Maxis, collectively processed a record-breaking 951 million SMS messages during the festive period.

With a mobile penetration rate of 101% and a population of 22 million, Taiwan is one of the most progressive mobile communications markets in Asia Pacific with all of the mobile network operators operating 3G networks. With a total of 200 million SMS messages, an average of 9 texts sent per person over the festive period, SMS still reigns as one of the most popular forms of communication, even in an advanced 3G market like Taiwan. In 2012, Taiwan Mobile Co said its SMS traffic declined 14 percent year-on-year to 30 million messages, while Far EasTone Telecommunications saw texts by its users dip 10 percent to 32 million.

With 5.432 million mobile subscribers and 116% mobile penetration rate, this island nation processed on average 1 billion messages per month during 2007. During Christmas and New Year, which is considered a peak holiday and travel season in Singapore, a total of 180 million SMS messages were processed as residents and tourists alike sent well wishes to their friends and families.

In the land famous for its warm smiles and infamous for its traffic jams, New Year revelers rang in the year with over 113 million SMS messages sent through the mobile networks without network congestion. In addition to person-to-person messaging, which formed the largest portion of SMS traffic, value-added services were also popular over the New Year period. For example, local party-goers were able to obtain the latest status update on Bangkok street traffic congestion using a free SMS service provided by the Thai transport authority.

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