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SMS and MMS from iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 allows you to send and receive SMS text messages and MMS messages to your friends and relatives through your carriers fixed rate like the previous models iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS. You can simply type message using your touch phone. If you like a broader keyboard just rotate your touch phone to landscape mode, you will get a larger keyboard view. The iPhone 5 is a Smartphone and it will suggest words when you start to type even it can give you words from the onboard dictionary and will remember the words you are using frequently.

The iPhone 5 technology will allow you to start the SMS text messages previously you received or sent and to continue in the chat mode. You can attach photos, videos, music and voice if your friends have the MMS receiving facility.

There are many Apps available in the iTunes for you to install in your iPhone 5 and can send free SMS text messages and low priced ones very easily through the Wi-Fi network. To get the correct APP ask your friends or search for them in the App store where can find a lot of them that are available for free and as priced ones to get and install them in your iPhone.

Some popular APPS for the iPhone 5 for to send and receive SMS text messages
Free Texting (SMS) APP by BoCoSoft
Freedom SMS APP by TwinPekes Software
Infinite SMS APP by Inner Fence
SMS Touch APP by Michael Schneider

Here are some popular Instant Messengers for the iPhone.

iPhone 3GS

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