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Here is a simple web script for you to send Free SMS to world wide mobile phones. We are not responsible for delays in sending the sms. This depends on the Mobile Operator which the recipient uses as his mobile service provider.

Also take care not to send sms that may offend the recipient. We will not be held responsible for the message content of an sms sent from Also we cannot guarantee receipt of the SMS.

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By sending SMS or MMS messages from, you agree to the following terms: guides and enables you to send free SMS from its site to any cellular phone worldwide. services are provided "as is", there is no gurantee of timely delivery of all messages to all cellular networks, cannot be held liable for any losses resulted from's failure to deliver messages. Information you provide on this page will not be used for any purpose other than sending SMS message to the designated phone numbers, we do not collect or analyze the text of your messages and destination phone numbers. We reserve the right to add a small ad to the end of each message you send from our site.

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Here is another free SMS service provider for you to send short messages to your relatives and friends. You have to signup with them for their service. The service is available for to send SMS/text messages to any mobile number in 178 countries around the world.

Free SMS from Gmail to Dialog Sri Lanka mobile phones.
Send SMS from Mobile phone to Gmail 25cents + tax.
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FREE SMS to Sri Lanka Mobitel mobile phones via Gmail.
Send SMS from Mobile phone to Gmail 25cents + tax .
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