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Sri Lanka SIM Card at Colombo Airport

As a visitor to Sri Lanka enjoy the cheap phone calls and cheap data plan while you are staying in Sri Lanka. Forget about your roaming enabled high cost Smartphone service from your country carrier. Once you had landed at the Colombo airport go to the arrival lounge produce your passport and US$ 10 and sign the carrier’s contract and get your Sri Lanka SIM card. Insert it in your device then and there and wait for it to be activated within minutes. You can get standard SIM, nano sim or micro SIM according to your device. Also you will be provided with 2G and G network connection. If you want, you can get 4.5G or 4G LTE connectivity at special price.

The SIM package will have some call minutes and free data. If you had finished it you can top-up or reload it from a road side telecommunication vendor. Round figures such as Rs 100/-, Rs 200/- will be credited to your calling plan. Rs 49/-, Rs 99/- like figures will be credited to your data plan. Don't use the calling plan for the data as it is very expensive. Mean while you can by Wi-Fi and IDD card from your carrier and can use it with your SIM card.

Srilanka SIM card offers free incoming calls and free SMS text messages. Smartphone with 3G and above connection can make and receive video calls from here. In the night time and holidays you will get concession rate for the IDD calls.

Don't give the SIM to another person when you are leaving the island as it is against the law.

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