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SuntelSuntel Limited is one of the popular fixed line providers in Sri Lanka. Now the company is bought by the Dialog and it is operated by them. Their CDMA phones are operating through the wireless system and the phone set can be moved place to place. Due to Srilanka law it is illegal to use such a phone in another place other than its originally registered address. It allows the customer to send and receive SMS text messages very easily.

If there is no electricity the phone set will work for certain hours and will go off when its batteries are drained of power. The CDMA phones bigger LCD screen has great advantage to read message in it when comparing it to a small mobile phone screen.

Also they provide a web service where people can send and receive text messages for free. These short messages can be sent to cellular phones and CDMA phones. The incoming messages will arrive in your inbox in that web site.

Become as a member in their web site and you can send and receive SMS free of charge.

There is a limit applies for the number of text and the number of messages that you can send in a day.

The Suntel Limited has its own telephone directory with the clients' details and also they used to publish their own business directory too.

This telephone directory can be accessed through the internet fro any part of the world through their official web site at any time.

Also they provide broadband service too to their clients along with other services like cloud computing.

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