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SMS to Sri Lanka.

SMS to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the leading country for mobile users in Asia. It is the first Southeast Asian country to introduce 3G mobile phone service to it's customers. There are 4 major mobile phone service providers and 3 CDMA phone service providers. And some more leading world wide Mobile phone service providers have requested new licence, as they saw Sri lanka as a potential expanding mobile phone service market.

Currently there are 13 million mobile phone users in Sri Lanka. Mostly young people are using this service as Mobile phone prices and connection fees are going down.

You can Send SMS to Sri Lanka normally in English. Although some providers like Dialog and Celltel offers Sinhala Text and Tamil Text SMS services.

For Sri Lanka there are many ways to send SMS to other mobile,CDMA phones or Internet connected computers.

First you can send SMS from your mobile Device, which will cost you a small amount. Also you will get confirmation of sent SMS. This is the best and correct way of sending SMS,and you can be sure that would have reached the receiver, if his/her mobile phone is "on" and stying within the network reachable limit.Also you can use some web sites which offer web based SMS sending facility.Some web sites offer this as a free service to their visitors.

Some web sites charge a small amount which you have to pay them when joining their web sites. Some web sites will make your mobile service provider to pay for the SMS from your account. Some web sites will never send SMS, but will give you a message that your SMS has been successfully sent. But in reality these are fake sites, only operating to get your visit.

As for now, to send free SMS to Sri Lanka from a web site is reliably provided by Suntel's, where you must become as a member, in their web site.

Dialog GSM, Celltel GSM, Lanka Bell and Suntel are offering this service for their members.

NOTE: TO SEND SMS TO SRI LANKA FROM ABROAD USE + 94 OR 94 to dial a phone +94 or 0094

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