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Cheap SMS and International Calls - India.

Now Indian people living in India and living overseas can enjoy the SMS and International Calls at cheap price at any time from the which is operated from Nordic countries. Also they offer free minutes for you to test their call clarity and other things that you want to check before you buy an account from them.

They allow you to make calls from your desktop within a fraction of a second if you have the head phone and the mic to communicate with the other people. Also their dialer allows you to make free calls to other members if they are online. You can get the desktop phone dialer from their web site for free of charge.

Mean while those Indian people in the Middle Eastern countries can use their special App to make calls to their homes India at cheap price if they buy the calling minutes from them with out any difficulties on their part. The service is provided as a normal future and there is no extra charge to use this facility to call back home in India.

The calling facility works well with any landline and any mobile phone carrier in India regardless of the city you are calling to. The latest VoIP technology allow you to call any time with out any weather or sun interference to provide crystal clear voice reception on both sides. You are allowed to make conference calls too through their internet phone call system facility. At any time you can cancel your membership with them. There are no requirement forms for you to send them to cancel your membership. Just finish your calling minutes and don't contact them. This will automatically terminate your account. But you are always welcome by them as you can join them back at any time with out any form filling.

SMS sending and receiving facility too is available from them at very cheap rate, once you had joined them as a member. Join with them now and enjoy the cheap calling rates to and from India.

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