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Send Free SMS to Italy.

People in Italy can send and receive free SMS text messages by using their mobile phones and their internet connected PC and laptops. Like wise people from Sri Lanka or from other countries too can send free SMS text messages to Italy or can receive SMS using their mobile phones at any time. Also they can use web based programs to send SMS messages to their friends and relatives in Italy through their mobile phones or mobile phones in any country. We believe this free SMS service will be good one as a lot of Sri Lankan people and their families are staying and working in Italy legally. They may use this service to communicate with their relatives in Sri Lanka where most of them have mobile phones and CDMA phones and people in Sri Lanka can use their mobile phones and CDMA phones to reply through the SMS text messages.

For better transfer of text messages to any one in Italy always use a fully paid or low priced SMS service rather than using the free SMS text service.

Normal price for sending SMS message from Srilanka to Italy mobile phones from the local carriers is SL Rs. 5.00

Price for to receive SMS message in Srilanka, Free.

The word free is used in Italian as "Gratis".

Here you can find many web links which are promising to send free SMS text messages to and from Italy.

Italy Country Code +39 or 0039
Italy GSM Band 900/1800
SMS Messaging Centers Of The Italian Carriers:
Omni Italy +39-3492000200
TIM Italy +39-3359609600
Wind Italy +39-3205858500

Cellular Operators In Italy:
+39-320, 328, 329 - WIND TELECOMUNICAZIONI S.P.A.
+39-330, 333, 334 - Telecom Italia Mobile
+39-340, 347, 348 - OMNITEL PRONTO ITALIA

Mobile phone service providers in Italy.
TIM (Telecom Italia)
Vodafone Italy
Wind (Orascom)
3 (Hutchison Whampoa)

Sending a Chikka message from your computer to Smart Pinoy mobile subscribers in Italy is free, and the recipient isn't charged for receiving Chikka messages. Replying from a Smart Pinoy mobile will cost 0.25 Euros.

You can send free SMS messages from any part of the world to Philippines mobile phones and downloadable messenger clients by using

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