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SMS Nigeria

Nigeria leads Africa as the most mobile phones using country in that region. Nearly 110,000,000 mobile phones are in use for the population of 170,000,000. This makes the Nigerians as the most SMS sending and receiving people in the Africa region without any doubt while Nigeria takes the 10th place in the world wide ranking for the mobile phone usage. Also people are using to send lot of SS fro their phones. Most of them are related to sports results and business related.

Earlier most of the users in Nigeria were having post paid connection and now it has changed a lot as most of them prefer the prepaid plans to connect with out a monthly bill. There are many carriers providing mobile phone services through GSM system. With the latest technology and technology people here can make video calls, download and upload media files faster than before with their Smartphones. But whatever technology advantage is there, still Nigerians enjoy the SMS, call me back and miss calls with friends and family members.

Also you can send E-mails to mobile phones as SMS. The e-mails will be sent in to a maximum of 128 characters. To receive e-mails in to SMS in your mobile phone, you must contact your carrier to activate this service. So anyone can send you an e-mail form Yahoo, Gmail or any other account and it will come to you as SMS. For example the sender must use in the "To" field, if your phone number is 12312412 in "rtn mobile net work".

MTB offer collect SMS service where the receiver will pay for the message.
Normal SMS sending rate is 4 Naira (same or other networks in Nigeria)
International SMS 10 Naira.
Nigeria International calling code: +234
There number of mobile phone operators.
They are,

  • Mtel (Transcorp)
  • Airtel (Zain Group)
  • Globacom
  • MTN Nigeria (MTN Group)
  • Etisalat
  • Multilinks Telkom
  • Starcomms
  • Zoom Mobile

Here are some web sites which say they are offering Free and/or low priced SMS from their web sites to mobile phones. Try them at your own discreet. Copy and paste the links in the address bar.

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