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SMS text messages are sent and received by Philippines mobile phone users in greater number each day. It is very easy to send and receive SMS text messages between Sri Lanka and Philippines. Mobile phone users in Philippines use to send and receive SMS text messages than making calls to friends and relatives. The mobile phone texting is more popular with the Manila youngsters. They use to pay for text message charges than their monthly call charges. For Christmas and New Year people in Philippines used to send the highest number of SMS text messages in this Asia region numbering in millions.

Philippines.Country Code is +63

There are SMS messaging centers from the local carriers.
Globe Philippines +63 91702
Islacom Philippines +63 9150200003
Smart Philippines +63 9180000101
Cellular Operator +63916 . allows you send international SMS to mobiles in 200 countries at very affordable rates, through Chikka TXT Plus.

Provides Many web based programs to send free SMS to Asia.

Yahoo Messenger can send SMS to mobile phones in Philippines which are using one of the following carriers. Smart, Globe Telecom. Also this Yahoo Messanger can send Free SMS to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India and USA. Send Free-SMS Using Yahoo Messenger.

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