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UK one of the country in the European continent, here Srilankan people are living and studying in large numbers. They are communicating with their relatives and friends in Sri lanka through SMS also. There are many ways to send and receive text messages mobile phones in The UK.

SMS messages can be sent from UK to mobile phones of your relatives and friends in Sri Lanka free of charge using the web site. To send the messages you must become as a member in that web site. There is a limit applies for the number of messages daily sent by you.

UK International phone code: 0044

Following web sites are offering free and low cost web based SMS text messaging service to UK mobile phones which can be used with a internet connected computer.

Free Calls to UK.

People who have internet connected computer can make free calls to their friends and relatives in UK who also have the internet connected computer by downloading Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo and MSN messengers.

Following web sites offer free calls to UK, if you are a member and their conditions apply. Read their terms and conditions before use.

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