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Free SMS text essages to the USA.

Send free SMS text messages to mobile phones in the USA using free web based programs. Take note that most people living in the USA used to call mobile phones as cell phones. The best free message sending and receiving programs come from Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. All programs requires you to be a member in their respective web sites and many of them require downloading their software. Also to use these kind of service you must have an internet connected Smartphone, PC, Laptop or Tablet.
Sending messages to cellular phones is easy and faster from any PC or laptop. Once registered for the services through your computer you can add friends, family, employees or customer to your custom lists. Only 160 strokes are allowed and if you send more than that it will be turned in to two or more messages.

TextJump is a quick and easy way to send messages to cell phones for free.
Sending messages and setting up a TJ Plus account are free here.
BUT, please keep in mind that the recipient of your message may receive a small fee from their carrier. Read More More

Textgram allows you to send free messages from your email, cell phone or from websites.
All you need to know is the name of the recipients wireless provider and their phone number.Read More More

Want to send free text messages to major United States cellular services?

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