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Free Phone Calls to the world.

Free phone calls are provided by many VoIP service providers through their web sites. All you have to do is to go to their web site and to become as a member and get their Softphone and install it in your PC, Laptop or in your Smartphone. Most of them allow you to have free test calls for certain minutes. If you can buy credit from them then you will be allowed to make free unlimited calls to certain country land lines and mobiles.

It is always free and cheap for landlines in any part of the world. But some countries are now restricting the use of the VoIP service in their countries. So before you go for these free phone calls check whether that the feature is allowed in your country. Also if you and your family members and friends are members of social network web sites or free email providers then you people can make individual calls between person to person through their online call facility from PC to PC method using any gadgets that are connected to the internet or can make conference calls for free.

Not only the Internet calls offer low calling rates for international calls, but also you can send ultra cheap text messages (SMS), from only 2 ct/message!

You can use the Internet calls software (Softphone) or use the SMS option in your personal pages.

Just make sure you have enough credit, and you can start sending text messages (SMS) to your friends all over the world right away.

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