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Globe7 Internet Phone

There are many companies providing world wide Free calls to land line from internet conntected computers. Mosy of them are with top voice quality for the caller and receiver. You will need a head phone with mic to listen the voice and speak with the other party. Some free call providers ask you to download theirs software and install them on your computer. This will enable you to make free calls and send free SMS. They provide this service as a promotion in the hope of that you will buy their servce using your credit card.

Make Free PC to PC Calls. Also make Landline/ Mobile calls at World's lowest calling rates. Globe7 is a free downloadable soft phone integrated with Voice, Video, IM, and Real time video streaming, powered by online advertising. Globe7 enables you to make free calls from pc to pc (voice and video), pc to mobile and pc to landline. Globe7 values the digital rights and it is stern against piracy. The content is being streamed in association with AKAMAI.

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