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iCall VoIP phone service

iCall allow you to make free calls and low priced calls to your friends and relatives. To check their service they offer a free first call for you to check about their service. Their system uses the famous VoIP service to give the free and low priced calls. Their service includes free inbound calls from any of our hundreds of access numbers. iCall is also their members make free and low priced calls to USA and Canada.

They are offering 3 kinds of methods to place your calls.

  1. iCall 7 a web based program by installing their softphone application. The iCall 7 allows you to make calls, HD video chats and IM. It works with Windows platform and if you don't have it then you can go for the softphone that use to work with Mac OS X or Linux.T his also allow you to interact with Google Talk, Facebook Chat and AIM for free. The best part is that you can view YouTube videos and can check URLs directly within chat.

  2. iPhone, iPod or iPad owners can select this iCall for iOS plan. The iCall allow you to make free calls to the USA phone numbers and Canda numbers easily. Also you can cut your international roaming charge by using the Wi-Fi network. So the iCall will allow you to make calls from your iPhone, iPod or iPad that can be free or low-cost calling over 3G, 4G network or at any Wi-Fi hotspot.

  3. Web Browser based calls.
    iCall Rate
    iCall for apple

Free 3 Minutes call to any part of the USA or Canada. No membership no account and no need to download.

Try it here. Make your free 3 minutes call to the America or Canda now.

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