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Sim Cards.

Now there are 4 kinds of mobile phone SIM cards are in use through out the world for to make connections through the mobile phones. Two years back one more new SIM card was introduced as Nano Sim card. This Nano SIM card is produced by a German company and the product is 60 percent smaller than the average SIM card. Nano SIM cards are working with the iPhone 5 models all over the world.

These SIM cards are well suited to use with the GSM cell phones in more than 170 countries. In Sri Lanka all the carriers provide their own SIM card when you make contract with them as a client with them. These are provided under a person's name and can't be changed to another person with out the knowledge of the service providing carrier. If you don't use the card in an active mobile phone, there are chances for you to loose the ownership and the money in your account if you don't use it for more than 6 months. Sim Cards.

These Sim cards will be issued to the customers when they make phone service contracts like calling and data plan with any mobile phone service provider or when they buy a mobile phone connection package from a vendor or agent.
Once the SIM is bought it can be inserted in to the specially designed slot which is in side of the mobile phone or inside the Dongle.
Insert it according to the instruction. Take care that the phone should be charged fully and once the service provider activate the particular account the phone will show the signal strength in the phone's display.

The Sim can be changed from phone to phone and it will display the same company and will use the allocated mobile phone number to make calls or to receive calls. The SIM holds personal identity information, cell phone number, phone book, SMS text messages and other data for the owners usage.

If you had lost your sim card quickly inform to the service provider to deactivate the sim thus you can save money and prevent the abuse of your phone number.

If you are an international traveler you can keep a SIM connection for each country that you are visiting. So if you are visiting one of that country use the particular SIM to get economical phone calls and SMS messages and there is no roaming charge for you. Take note those SIMs with money refill or recharge may have a time limit for validity. If it is don't have enough funds or exceed the validity date the SIM card will not function. You must contact the service provider to activate it.

There are some phones available in the market which can accommodate dual SIM cards in to them. They can be identified by dual SIM standby and dual SIM phone where dual SIM standby can receive calls and SMS messages from both mobile numbers.

SIM cards are used with carriers that operate on the Global System for Mobile Communication - GSM - network. Don't bend the sim card as it can break or get damaged. But if you go to your service provider he will be happy to issue a new SIM with the old number which you had with a small charge for the new SIM card.

The popular Smartphone iPhone 4S uses the Micro SIM card which is available officially in Sri Lanka with the Etisalat. Also many people make it by just cutting the standard SIM card according to the given size.

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