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Cheap call rates on National Days.

Cheap calling plans are allowed in Sri Lanka during the Independence and Republic days of many other countries.

For example If India is celebrating it's Independence day, then on that day SLT, Dialog and Airtel used to offer low tariff rates to their clients to call India based phones within that 24 hours period.

Like wise most of the Sri Lanka's landline, mobile phone operators and CDMA phone operators used to provide low tariff rates to their valued customers on the Independence days or Republic days of many countries in the world.

These companies used to announce this kind of rate cut for that particular day only. They used to announce this reduction offer through the national newspaper advertisements on these days in all the language papers.

Cheap Calls

So if you are a foreigner and staying in Srilanka on your country's big day don't forget to check the newspapers to see whether you can make any calls at reduced rate on that day, so it allow you to talk with your loved ones back in home to celebrate the great event.

As a phone user you must understand that dialing to a land line is cheaper than dialing the mobile phones.

Although in some countries phone tariff war over the mobile phone had made many carriers to offer cheaper calls to mobile hand sets rather than the fixed lines as many of them use the VoIP service to connect between their customers.

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