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Queensland University of Technology is doing a research on long-term unemployment and its effects to help those young people in the area. As youth unemployment on the rise, Queensland researchers are seeking the views of young jobless people to help in the design of a resilience-building SMS service as long-term unemployment has been linked to a 50 per cent rise in depression in young people and it further reduces their motive for searching jobs.

The researchers like to find out what the unemployed people are thinking about the idea of receiving and requesting text messages aimed at boosting their resilience. This is to make them as to remain optimistic and positive despite the challenges of being unemployed.

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SMS text messaging will allow these young people are quick and cheap and can maintain their privacy too, because they can read the messages discreetly whenever it suits them.

In the month of February unemployment was around 13.8 per cent in the 15 - 25 years age group.


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