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What to do if you get a bad SMS.

As SMS is more popular and each person is using mobile phones, it is normal for any person to get SMS from other mobile phones by mistake. So if you see that the message is important one and reached you instead of the original person, you can notify the sender to send it to the original person. That way the important message will the correct person.

But if you get any messages with bad words or with useless words, don't take it serious. Don't reply to it, that will make you to get more messages. There are many young people who enjoy sending like this kind of messages. Some time they pick a friends phone and send a message to a person just by guessing a number. So the owner don't know someone has sent a message with his/her phone.

There are many people who like to forward SMS messages to other mobile phones. Small children playing with mobile phones belonging to their family members used to send messages in the mobile phones as forward to unknown people.

So if you get any messages from unknown people ignore it. Mark the Sending phone number time and date too. If you are getting more messages contact your service provider and tell them about the situation and ask them to tke necessary actions.

Some time they will bar them from sending more messages to your phone. Or if necessary they will warn the party. If necessary they will assist you to put case against them.

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