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Mobile phone Apps can do thousands of jobs and do many activates in quick time. You can find them as Apps for Apple devices in iTunes website. And the Android users can find their Apps in the Google Paly Store. Most of them are free while some of them are available as paid apps. Some Apps will tempt people to make in-App purchase for to support your game or so on. So don't allow your children to play such games. Better advice them about the bill that you may get in the coming months. Some Apps used to run even if you stopped them. This is called as back round activates. It can cost you band width and can make your device to be slow. Some Apps always want to get your current location to help you better service.

So you have to clear their cache otherwise your storage will be used by them and your device will become slow Clear them using the manufacturers guide.

You can find lot of Apps that are related to your country and language.

Apps related to your profession, service and many other helping things with your trade other than games, music and TV Apps.

Avoid downloading Apps from third party sites. Use only iTunes or Google Paly Store only for the safty of your personal information online.

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