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Mobile phone usage is rapidly increasing in Sri Lanka than the previous years. Mean while Smartphone usage is too rapidly increasing here. Most of the larger mobile phone makers are providing good after sales service to match the customer's requirement and to cover warranty agreements.

On the other hand the Government is very strict on these kinds of handsets. People can't hold more than 5 SIM cards from any of the service provider. (For example you can't have more than 5 numbers from Dialog.) Likewise your hand set must have the IMEI number provided by the producer when you purchase them from the vendor.

It is against the law to use a cell phone without IMEI number.

When buying a new SIM connection you can select either a pre-paid or post-paid plan and you can change it to the other plan at any time from the carrier. Some companies charge a small amount for the plan change. Most people are using the pre-paid plan and it is very easy to reload the device with calling minutes and data plan at any road side shops.

Scratch cards too available for reload purpose from the value of Rs 20/-.

In Sri Lanka Samsung leads the market in the Smartphone sector while Huawei, Greentel and Micromax too are capturing a large share of the Sri Lanka Smartphone market. Most of the phones are having dual SIM St/By facility in the latest devices. Large mega MP cameras are too available while some brands are popular for their advanced selfie photo capture with the local young people.

For the Smartphone user’s local carriers offer 3G and 4G LTE network all over the island. To activate the 4G LTE connections your Smartphone must support the 4G LTE service. Many places in Sri Lanka offer free Wi-Fi hotspot to Sri Lanka citizens to connect their devices to the internet while on the go. For this you have to register with the Government service centre.

Popular Smartphones like iPhone 7 is available in Srilanka for the price of Rs.119,990.00
Samsung S8 price Rs.129,600.00
Huawei Mate 8 price Rs.92,499.00
While Android OS is the leading platform in Sri Lanka for the Smartphones and Apps.
All the GSM operating phones will function in Sri Lanka including the American brand iPhone.

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