How to SMS

SMS text messages can be sent from simple mobile phones, Smartphones and Tablets using your call plan and data plan. Call and data plan SMS text messages usage will be billed by your mobile phone carrier and if you used Wi-Fi hotspot and the available SMS text message APPS there will be no charge for that service.

Some App service providers may show you and the receiver some content related advertisements.

How to write and Send SMS text messages using your mobile phone? For example Nokia 8290 phone is used here.
Switch on the phone, after the phone is ready,.

Press the "Select" Button;.

You will get "Phone book"
Press the Down button
You will get "Messages"
Press the Select button
You will get "write message"
Press "Select"
You will get "Pencil picture with two lines and ABC"
In this mode if you want to type Hello
Just press "Buttons" showing
You will get display of "Hello"
Press Select
You will see "Send" option,
Press select.
You will get Phone Number
Enter the phone number (Or you can press "select" to get the number from the phone book)
Press "Select"
You will see the message sending in progress.
After you will get the message as "Message Sent" Or "Message failed.

More Notes.

  • You can use the phone book to sect people from there to send the SMS text message.

  • You can save the message and can send it later.

  • You can simply forward any SMS message that you have received in your cell phone.

  • You can edit and send any of the SMS text messages that you have received to any number of your contacts.

  • As all the mobile phones have limited space for the received SMS messages, you can move the SMS messages to a newly created folder to provide enough space for the incoming messages..

  • You can select T9 Mode which will give you pre edited words whenever you press the key and it will allow you to make spelling checks too.

  • It is illegal to send SMS text messages to people who are not in your friend list.

You can store all the messages in your phone's SMS page or in folders which you can make and name.