WAP sites.

WAP sites are made in small size rather than the normal browser size to fit the mobile phone screen in vertical or horizontal size. As most of the people are on the move they don't have time to carry laptop with them and then to find internet connection to start browsing the web sites to get the latest market trend or to send and receive emails and other documents.WAP sites are nearly equal to the normal web sites which are accessed through the PC.

These WAP sites are specially constructed for the mobile phone users. So it is easy for them to find the necessary information through their mobile connected to the internet through their mobile phone service provider.

Also these WAP sites allows these users to search in the internet through bigger search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and they get those searched information , images, music and other PDF files within seconds while they are on the go.

These WAP site facilities request all the latest cell phone producers to make necessary facilities to directly access the internet and to browse the desired web sites as WAP sites in their screens. They can read, compose and send emails or read content listen music like what they do in their internet connected PC.

Many people use these sites to listening music or to download them. Others use to view video clips while some watch movies too. Video activities will take long time and can cause to get higher monthly cell phone bills due to this extra long time for staying in the mobile internet.

Some WAP sites offer you to send and receive SMS messages after you login to their WAP site for free. They survive by advertising heavily in their WAP site and in the SMS text messages which you are sending and receiving through the WAP site from your mobile phone.

Also these WAP web sites offer Free ringtones in the form of midi and mp3 formats while there are many popular music and songs are available for direct payment and you can enjoy daily different ring tones in your cell phone as ring tone, ringing tones and many different kind of tones for different action that you carry in your cell phone.

The facility includes Email by mobile phone tracking of stock market prices Sports results News headlines Music downloads.

If you having WAP enabled mobile phone then you can visit these web sites. They are rich in content and good to visit and have a look.