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SMS messages sending facility in Srilanka through your mobile phone, Smartphone and web based programs are available to the mobile phone carrier customers. You can send receive SMS text messages to your friends and relatives from your device without any problem.

As some people are misusing this facility, the Sri Lanka Government had placed very strict monitoring of this service.

Free SMS.

Our website will provide all the necessary information that you will need on this short message sending service. Recently the popularity of mobile based SMS program is lost its ground to the popular social media apps which allows the user to send and receive text messages, photos, music, video clips and text files through them.

If they are meant for friends who are members in that service, then the service is free for both parties except their data usage.

Free SMS in Sri Lanka. The website offers to send and receive messages to Sri Lanka mobile phones without any charge from any part of the world. To get this free service you have to become as a member in their website. the service is limited to certain number of free SMS.

There are 5 numbers of cellular phone service providers namely Dialog, Mobitel, Hutch, Etisalat and Airtel whom are proving mobile phone service in this island nation. CDMA phone service providers too are here as SLT, Suntel, Dialog and Lanka Bell. From this CDMA phone too you can send and receive SMS text messages to your friends' phones.

These mobile phone carriers offer low priced text message services (SMS) for their clients. Dialog clients must join their website to use their web based SMS sending facility where they will be allowed to send messages to their friends who too must be users of the Dialog network.

In our website you can find information on how to send free text messages from websites to cellular phones worldwide.

It is not necessary to own a cellular phone in Srilanka to send short messages to your friend's handset which can be achieved by using Internet connected PC or Laptop through the IM or Apps.

Also in this modern world there are Smartphone and tablets that can give you the same free facility through their installed Apps via the internet. Some Apps are pre-installed in the handsets while there are free Apps and paid Apps available in the official web sites of your phone.

SMS Srilanka

USA is the popular country to send and receive text messages faster using the virtual or QWERTY key board fitted on Smartphones.

Due to the iPhone usage, video-calls and cheap call plans that the text message usage in the USA has declined dramatically in these years.

SMS is widely used in Asia, specially in Philippines where millions of texts sent and received per day specially very high numbers during the Christmas and New Year season. In Sri Lanka English language is widely used in short messages while there are facilities available to send and receive Sinhala and Tamil languages based short messages here.

To use this extra language facility you must get the program in to your handset from your service provider.

SMS is the short form for the short message service, which is available as an extra future from GSM operated cell phones. It was on the table as topic from the early 80's. These messages can be sent a binary content like ring tones or logos. The first such message was sent on 3 Dec 1992. Normally a sent message is stored at SMSC (Short Message Service Centre), if the receiver is not available it will.

be available for the receiver to get it later when he switch on his handset or when he get connected and get the signal from his carrier.

In Sri Lanka some media networks offer prizes and other free products through competitions for this they use four digit SMS facility.

When participants send answers to this numbers from Rs 3/- to Rs10/- will be charged by by the carrier from the users' account.

Also there is Premium Rated message service, which is a paid one, the mobile user to get alerts about breaking news, market report, sports score and many more. Years back Yahoo announced that their members can send free text-messages to cellular phones in the USA, Canada, India, and Philippines. There may be a small charge for the receiver depending to their carrier.

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